June 18, 2011

Color My Life

Just imagine a life with only two colors blank and white. Everything around you looks same and no difference at all. May be we will like it since we have not seen any other color in life.

Just look at the black and white flower below. Do you like it?

What color would you like the flower to have? May be red.

I would love to color the image that I had taken on a trip to one of the beaches. I had shot below image in black and white. This shot is full of life with all the members are having a good time. But only missing part is real color. I would love to add color to it for reality.

My blog which started as a pass time has a black color as the background as everything on it will look bright and bold.

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  1. some things are better viewed in black & white. but flowers are prettier in full color.:p

  2. Even though I am a fan of monochrome photography I think flowers are always better in color. I really like the beach scene.

  3. yes, the subject usually determines if b&w or colour is best

  4. whether BW or coloured still the photos are lovely :)

  5. Enjoyed the black and white images, they give a different depth somehow. The photo in color is brilliant, love that bright red color. Nice to see the contrast. Lovely shares, thank you.

  6. I love the b/w shots.

    Happy sky watching!

    Liz @ A Simple Life

  7. Nature has its own colours that's true, where as we may add or lose colour to our lives with each passing moment or encounter with another. You have added colour with this post thank you. Daves photo views

  8. Yes, that image certainly will look ever more so lively in color. All the very Best :)

  9. nice click, beautiful, it has got more life in black and white itself.. and you post is beautiful. and will my life be colourful ?

    Someone is Special

  10. Beautiful shots