May 24, 2010

City Transport

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  1. Funny how a plane is advertised on a bus. And that is one big red bus.

  2. Perhaps the bus secretly IS a plane - it will grow wings and fly any minute now LOL

    Tink *~*~*

  3. I agree with Leora, but I think, it means another thing... that the bus can fly like a plane? LOL..

  4. This is the bus that takes people to the airport.

  5. Or perhaps the bus *wishes* it could fly like a plane :)... More fun that way than just thinking of it as the bus to the airport.

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  6. Excellent choice for the week.

    My Ruby Tuesday. I do hope to see you drop by for a visit with me today.

  7. heheh that plane caught my attention too :) nice one!

    im your newest follower :)

    u may view mine here